Roll up, roll up!  Today is the day to come to DJCAD and see a myriad of wonderful prints!


Printed Mater:::::/Print Process opens for preview tonight: 5pm, Bradshaw Space, DJCAD.

On display for your visual delight will be these bad boys:


But as I did mention they look far better in real life.

And among others: Russell Frost Letterpress, Alexander Stevenson Linocut, Morgan Cahn Silkscreens…


If you are unsure of where to go…enter DJCAD through the big new entrance on Perth Road.  Go upstairs to level 4/library.  Come out of the lift and turn left, or come to the top of the stairs and turn right, go through the double doors, across the bridge and turn right.  Go downstairs until you get to the old entrance and the Bradshaw Space will be through the double doors directly opposite the stairs.  Or the Cooper Gallery Project Space doors might be open at the front of the Crawford Building.  Who knows!

See you there!  In the meantime check out the FACEBOOK event and the Print and Process BLOG

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