This has been a most exciting week in many ways!  Not only do we see Printed Matter:::::/Print Process previewing on Thursday (21st February, 5pm, Bradshaw Gallery @ DJCAD) but yesterday I had the grand opportunity to be involved in the professional printing of Calum Colvin’s image for the D’Arcy Thompson portfolio.

It was an exhilarating process on many levels: to first be complimented by the print technicians at DJCAD Pete and Mark in their invitation to be involved; for Pete to hand the reigns over to me and let me do the printing (I did 5 of the 25 to be printed); to take responsibility for the professional outcome of such an esteemed artist’s work; to do it successfully.  And it was different to the work I was doing at the VRC. Although the finishing process of a print is so important, the task of actually printing the thing is on a whole different level.






In reality I should have had reserves about being involved in the printing of Calum’s image.  As anyone who has ever encountered my opinion regarding the use of assistants in the production of work will know I do not in general approve of such practice.  But I leapt at the opportunity and am so grateful that I was asked to be involved.  If anything it was just so lovely to be actually printing again!  And interesting to print an image that I had no personal relation with: it allowed me to focus purely on the technicality of the inking* and wiping.  Such things give satisfaction on so many levels, some so deep that only an etcher would truly understand.

I should probably stop now before the gushing etching love becomes overbearing.

*with a brand new, completely untouched pot of ink.  Oomph.

Night Techin', Studio

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