Jim Shaw “Oist” Click for image source

[Chris and I are sat watching Jim Shaw’s mystical film about Oism at the Baltic, Newcastle.  The lights are dim, but the film is dazzling with colour and lights.  A little boy and his Mother come and sit quietly on the bench next to ours.  His sister strides in and plonks herself down on the floor in between the two benches, as only children do, before turning and loudly saying to me…]

Little Girl: What is this film about?

Me: Somebody is having a dream I think.

Little Girl: A dream about what?

Little Girl’s Brother: About bubbles and lights!

Little Girl: Yeah!

Little Girl’s Brother: And hexagons!

Little Girl: I’m going to stand up I think.

Little Girl’s Brother: Oh, this is scary music.

Little Girl: It’s not scary, just overturned…

Me: How old are you?!

Little Girl: Four…

Little Girl’s Dad: Do you want to go and look at some pictures, Alice?

Little Girl: No.

Little Girl’s Brother: You can’t separate Alice from a movie…


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