Happy New Year!



Happy New Year!  I’ve had an unintended blogging break over Christmas, and for most of December before and January after it seems.  Which seems bizarre, because I have had plenty to write about, but little inclination to do so.  I feel very guilty!  Over the next few days I plan to slowly update on everything since my last post.  For now, I give to you a cheeky snap of the Christmas cake characters that my mum and I made just before Christmas!  It’s the best thing having a Mum who works for a cake company, especially when I get occasional presents like this…


Before I do anything else, however, I should let you know that I have a new job!  I am working for the University of Dundee for the next six months as a Graduate Recruitment Assistant.  And this is partly why I haven’t blogged at all in January so far.

This means that I am going to have much less free time to art related things (I’ve had to leave the VRC and I won’t be helping with Exhibitions very much, though I am going to try to keep up night teching in Printmaking as much as I can) BUT I am going to be travelling the country going to events which is really exciting!  Hopefully I will have time to visit exhibitions far and wide and report back.

So now you know…


What do you think?

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