Blog drought…


Eeep we’ve had a dry few weeks on here it seems!  I have actually been quite busy, and a little unwell (shingles, bleh), but over the next few days I will update you on the following things:

– Edgar Schmitz opening and Hubs and Fictions
– Selling Dreams Not Clothes talk with Curator of Photographs and V&A Susanna Brown
– Christmas crafty things – Tatiana and I had a splendidly festive day of gathering branches and leaves and making home made wreaths.  I also had a mad weekend and made decorations for my tree.  Craft shmaft.  It’s Christmas, and creative.

That might be it actually.  We shall see.  I am travelling home for Christmas on Wednesday so it might be then before any writing comes to fruition… As always there is a mountain of packing and cleaning to do before then!  But I thought I should let you know that I have not forgotten you.

Hope everyone is feeling suitable festive!  Ciao for now.


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