Hello, hello!  Happy Monday!
Last week I started an internship at the Visual Research Centre at the DCA!  I will be working with Paul Harrison, university lecturer and research assistant, on various print projects from now until (hopefully) the Impact8 Print Conference next summer.  

This is something that I have been trying to sort out for ages and ages, and we have finally begun and I’m so excited.  I had no idea what I would be doing, but I think I would have been happy even just to make cups of tea all day if it meant that I got to do some professional-type printing.  Or just to be back in a print workshop.  

It’s such a hard feeling to describe, being in a workshop.  It feels like being home, for want of a better phrase.  Even though the VRC is so different to the workshop at DJCAD, it still has that vibe that is instantly comforting and relaxing (I guess more so than DJCAD considering the rush of students at the art school demanding technicians’ time…).

So last week and this week I have been helping Paul to print some of the editions for the big Windows to the West project.  WttW is a collaborative project between many artists whose work relates to the highlands and gaelic culture, some of whom were my teachers in the past few years!  It’s an interesting feeling to suddenly be working on their prints, rather than the other way round.  I have nabbed this abstract from the WttW page, as it describes the project far better than I can:

“The development of the University of the Highlands and Islands has resulted in a significant growth in research into Gaelic culture, however the place of the visual arts within this culture has largely been neglected and is only defined as a footnote to the broader history of the visual arts in Scotland or to the music and poetry of the Gael. This project addresses this imbalance. The fundamental premise is that by placing the study and practice of visual art at the heart of a multidisciplinary research project, it creates a new focus for the understanding of Highland culture (Gaidhealtachd). Its title is adapted from Sorley MacLean’s poem Halllaig: ‘Tha bùird is tàirnean air an uinneig / triomh ‘m faca mi an Aird an Iar’; ‘The window is nailed and boarded / through which I saw the West.’

The skills in this interdisciplinary group include Gaelic language and culture, contemporary art practice and history of art.”

Today I helped to print a third colour on Arthur Watson and Prof. Will Maclean’s prints, and finished cleaning up Frances Walker’s prints of St Kilda and Eilean nan Ròn.  I’ve decided not to put images of their work up because I don’t know the artists’ views on having them published yet, and I know that if someone was working on my prints and published them to the world before I had I would be pretty mental.



I’m going to be at the VRC on Mondays and Tuesdays for the foreseeable future so there will be lots more to come on this!  Excited, excited, excited!

Links, links, links:

VRC: http://www.dundee.ac.uk/djcad/vrc/
Paul Harrison: http://www.paulliamharrison.co.uk/
Arthur Watson: http://www.dundee.ac.uk/djcad/staff/arthurwatson/
Will Maclean: http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings/artists/will-maclean
Frances Walker: http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings/artists/frances-walker (can’t find an ‘official’ site)
Windows to the West: http://www.dundee.ac.uk/djcad/research/researchprojectscentresandgroups/windowtothewest/


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