Life update/reasons for lack of blogging:

1.  The south of France took me hostage for a week and prevented any blogging.  Roaming charges are stupendous!  When I say hostage I actually mean my lovely parents invited my on holiday with them, and we spent a week traversing the Canal du Midi, eating excellent food and drinking local wine.

2.  The week previous to this was dance club fundraiser week, and I was caught up baking for cake sales, selling tickets and the event itself.  And my brother dislocated his arm, which took up most of my assigned blog day.  So you can blame him.

But, I have good news!  I managed to get into printmaking and make a litho plate for a load of new business cards (decided to keep the same template as I haven’t made anything new yet).  So that day looked like this:


Except that I didnt have time to take a photo of my shiny new plate, so this is the old one.  But they look the same.

And I am also going to be a Friday evening technician for DJCAD printmaking.  So line up for my printmaking expertise, please.  Exciting times!

And finally!  Myself, Layla, Katy, Tatiana, Sekai and Ana are putting together proposals for group exhibitions in the new year.  I will keep the rest of this story a secret for now until more is confirmed, but at the moment it is so lovely to be getting together with friends and making PLANS.

So exciting stuff on its way.  In the meantime, have a song.  Play it LOUD.


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