So, trying to maintain an online blog when one no longer has internet at home is proving difficult.  Not to mention that I have essentially sold my soul to the NHS (can’t complain about that though, I’m finally in funds) so I am left with little time to spare.

Anyway!  It is Compass time!  If you recall from the Degree Show I mentioned that I had been selected to be part of an exhibition in Glasgow, and this is it: Compass Gallery New Graduates 2012.  Along with some other DJCAD students, and students from ECA, GSA and Grays, I will be exhibiting the following works:


The middle image you’ll recognise from the Degree Show, and I have also reprinted the other two in the same manner so that they look professional and the same.

Also on sale will be all the prints from the Degree Show ( mounted, wrapped and unframed.  You can visit the gallery and buy through them, or contact me directly.

I took a couple of photos on Saturday when Tat and I took our work down to the gallery, though it was a mad rush day so these are the only ones that I think are worth showing:




That’s all for now!

Link for the New Grads show:

Compass Gallery details:

Compass Gallery, 178 West Regent Street, Glasgow G2 4RL
Tel : 0141-221 6370
Fax : 0141 248 1322
Email :


What do you think?

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