The limbo that I spoke of inbetween hand in and the start of the Degree Show has returned now that the whole thing is done.  At first it didn’t feel so strange; it felt like the start of the summer holiday, and in my head I was subconsciously going along as per the past few years, planning three months at a time (because that is when I would be going back to school).  Except that I’m graduating, and I’m not doing a Masters this year, so school isn’t going to happen.  You could say that being a graduate is beginning to hit me.

Anyway!  This is why I haven’t updated recently.  I’ve also been filling my routine-lacking days being busy getting ready to move flat, been home for a week, been to some parties, and I’ve started a summer job!

In the next week or two though, I will be posting about graduation, grad ball, Compass gallery, old work, old exhibitions, friends’ work, friends’ exhibitions, exhibitions I’ve been to etc etc.  It’s so often the case that once the degree show has passed, student art blogs drop off the wavelengths.  I’m quite determined not to let this happen.

See you soon!


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