Studio 610

Degree Show

Having focused solely on my work recently I thought I would give a tour of the rest of the studio that I am exhibiting in,  and give you a chance to see Janet and Andrews work!

Here is a basic floor map of our studio.  I am on the left, Janet is on the right, and Andrew is on the bottom wall:


So when you first walk into the studio you see my work.  This, as you know by now, is what it looks like:


We turn right, and see into the rest of the studio:



In the above photo you can see the beautiful blue suspended Japanese woodblock print ‘Gauldrons’.

Impressions, West:


Gauldrons Tidal Passage:


‘Away O’er the Sea’:




All of Janet’s work is based on her home area of Kintyre on the west coast of Scotland.  Having spent most of my holidays on the west coast I empathise with her affection for the land and seascape, and think she’s done a really great job at capturing it in a contemporary way.  Her media here ranges from etched glass to plaster, and Japanese print to collotype and traditional intaglio etching.





On the back wall of the studio is Andrew’s work.  I don’t know Andrew very well and as a result haven’t really had much chance to speak to him about his work.  Having said that, it is easy to see that it is both beautiful and intricate, and that he cares deeply about what he does.  In the past week he has been continuing to work on his large board pieces.  He sits in front of the boards and seems to switch off to everything else in the room, using both hands to tap ever so gently against the boards with fineliner pens.



I can’t seem to upload the final photograph of Andrew’s work, for some reason.


As you can see, our work is simultaneously different and complementary, and as a result our studio seems to be incredibly serene.  It’s a nice space to be in.

The Degree Show is open til the end of the week, from about 10am-8pm each day.  Come visit!


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