We had a very lethargic day today.  Decided that the paint colour was too off-white, so we got a lighter one and mixed the two together to make a happy medium (though more like 1:4).  Walls look good now.  Also cleaned the floor, and managed to remove all the paint spills from the past year with the help of some hefty chemicals.

Chris says that once again I have taken lots of photos of him working, and non of me working.  So to disprove any presumptions that I haven’t been doing anything…


Splendid.  In other news…


Boards are in.  We replaced the masking tape with gum strip and gave this wall a coat of paint, so it looked nothing like this by the end of the day!


Chris talks shop with the boarders.




What you can’t really see from the photo, is that the walls are held together with LITERALLY about ten layers of paint on tape on paint on tape on paint on tape… :/

Degree Show, Studio

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