A conclusion.

Context, Degree Show

From “New Ways of Gravure” by S. W. Hayter

“From the technical point of view it is possible that in the future a much wider application of the direct engraed or etched work of the artist will be made to the methods of mass printing at lost cost.  By “direct” I refer to precise mechanical methods of reproduction rather than photographic means to transfer the appearance of an engraved print to the final printing surface.  The printing by ordinary typographic means of illustrations in cheap editions from the artist’s own original metal cuts (rather than from line or half-tone cuts made photographically from them) could have an enormous development if enough artists with the technical competence to make the plates could be found, and if printers and photoengravers could be persuaded to take a reasonable view of this activity.  

The public, given the opportunity, would learn very readily to distinguish the finer quality of such work.”



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